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A momentous occasion is on the horizon, but you are unsure of how to celebrate the occasion. I can help you with that. With over 20 years of experience interviewing people, I can interview your stakeholders, transforming the interviews into an anniversary booklet. Clients have used their anniversary booklet as a marketing tool. Others have used my interviewing services to profile people on their website, while some use the interview as a start to writing a book.

You know that continuous learning is supposed to be a part of your day, but you are too busy to give that any thought. As a Bookaholic and continuous learner, I can help you with that as well. I will help you to develop a learning and development plan, that can easily fit into your day. I will show you how! Additionally, I know that some people simply cannot make the time to read, so I am in the process of developing book summaries that are different from what’s available, so you will be able to absorb the ideas, without having to read the books.

As a business owner or an executive, you are busy, living an over-scheduled life. You know that you are supposed to be blogging to create an online presence, but when will you ever find the time? Let me help you! I am a ghost blogger for corporate clients, so they are building their online presence all the time, providing useful content to their audience. I blog about topics that are important to them, and I’ll do the same for you.

If you are interested in expert interviewing or ghost blogging services, please contact me at Avil Beckford: 1-647-238-8143 or postmaster @ ambeck dot com. Or you can visit the Services page.

About Avil Beckford

How the invisible mentor idea was born.

Avil's PhotoWhile on my morning walk in Toronto’s High Park in the fall of 2007, “Tales of People Who Get It is your Board of Invisible Mentors” pops into my consciousness. I quickly pull my mini notebook and pen out of my back pocket and jot down my epiphany. I had thought about how to describe my book for a few months, but wasn’t sure where to start, so I let it percolate for a while. Board of Invisible Mentors made perfect sense to me because when I face a challenge, I remember parts of the interviews I conducted for the book and I would know exactly what to do, or how to proceed.

Later that day, I confide in a friend about my epiphany, and she tells me that the idea is pure genius. Then she says that the idea is ahead of its time, so I should alter it to, Tales of People Who Get It is your Board of Mentors. This doesn’t work for me because “invisible” is what makes it so special. Discouraged, I park my idea for nearly eighteen months.

Have you ever postponed your dreams because of naysayers?

The Invisible Mentor was BORN in March 2009 in the form of a blog, and has evolved over the years to be much more. My name is Avil Beckford, also known as, Expert Interviewer, Ghost Blogger, Writer, Author and Chief Reading Evangelist. But I am also the girl next door, who is always working on improving her situation. I am a voracious reader, and I cannot remember a period in my life when I wasn’t reading books. I am embarking on an informal classical education, and you are the beneficiary! Each month, I invest over 200 hours of my time reading books and culling the great ideas, as well as researching great thinkers. I present you with invisible mentors – unique leaders you can learn things from by observing them from a distance or by reading about them – in the form of interviews with highly accomplished people, mini biographies of wise people and great thinkers, and AvilPic1hybrid book reviews and summaries, what I call SummaReviews. The Invisible Mentor blog bridges the new ideas with old ones. Imagine the great ideas you’ll generate by being exposed to old and forgotten ideas! What that means for you and for me is that we can use old and forgotten, but not outdated ideas, to solve today’s problems.

The next step for me is developing the invisible mentor model, putting together a literary salon and a membership site, and I would love it if you joined me on the journey! And I also intend to write a book about the journey to an informal liberal arts education.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please subscribe to the blog and connect with me on social media. And if you are interested in my expert interviewing, ghost blogging or other services, please visit the Services page.

Note of  Disclosure

To make it easy for you, I have included the links for you to easily purchase books mentioned. All Amazon links on the Invisible Mentor Blog are affiliate links.

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