Week of January 12th on the Invisible Mentor

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Week of January 12th on the Invisible Mentor

This is the second full week of the New Year, and I am still using the editorial calendar as a guide. As I regain my rhythm, I will start including interviews again. But for now, there is a lot of focus on mini biographies and book reviews. We are featuring Luther Burbank, one of Napoleon Hill’s nine invisible counselors, and we are spending time with My Antonia and Great Dialogues of Plato. I am including the Amazon Links (affiliate) in case you want to get the books to read along.

Last week, The Invisible Mentor was in the news on Lifehack! I was both delighted and humbled when I read the information. Thank you Chris Ellis!

Monday: It’s really hard to do the boring stuff. In life, we crave excitement, and we stay away from the boring stuff. But the boring stuff is a part of life – it’s a part of every job. How do you stay on track when you have to invest time on the most mundane things? Learn what I did when I had to type up my notes for my liberal arts education!

Tuesday: Review of  My Antonia by Willa Cather. This book gives us a glimpse of what life was like in Nebraska in the nineteenth century, and we get to see the untamed beauty of the land. We learn about resilience from the character, Antonia Shimerda, and we are reminded, that success for some people is not about money. For some people, family, happiness and contentment, are the things that matter the most – and to them that is success.

Wednesday: Mini Biography of Luther Burbank. In celebrating National Mentoring Month, I am writing mini biographies of the men who Napoleon Hill – author of Think and Grow Rich, a timeless classic – used as invisible mentors. We will see from Burbank’s life that the lack of a formal education shouldn’t prevent you from blazing a trail in life.

Thursday: Mentor Yourself Needs Assessment: The Invisible Mentor is very much about using the resources available to you to mentor yourself. It’s about taking responsibility for your development. How do you know which tools and resources are the right ones for you?

Friday: Review of Great Dialogues of Plato. The dialogues of Plato are considered as a must-read, especially The Republic, which was mentioned in Jeffrey Brenzel’s lecture on Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Essential Value of a Classic Education.

Saturday: It’s now time to look back at the blog posts for the week, and provide a quick link for those who may have been busy and missed some posts.

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Author Bio: Avil Beckford, an expert interviewer, entrepreneur and published author is passionate about books and professional development, and that’s why she founded The Invisible Mentor and the Virtual Literary World Tour to give you your ideal mentors virtually in the palm of your hands by offering book reviews and book summaries, biographies of wise people and interviews of successful people.

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