The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 27th to 31st

The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 27th to 31st It’s the beginning of February and this month is Black History Month. I cannot believe that one month has passed already since the New Year started. In the month of January, we celebrated National Mentoring Month, so we profiled some of the men that Napoleon Hill used as invisible counselor (invisible mentors) – he imaged the qualities that he admired in them, as a way to rebuild his character. Let’s look at the Week in Review on The Invisible Mentor blog where we featured The Social Contract, Think and Grow Rich and Thomas … [Read more...]

Thomas Paine, Built a Case for American Independence in Common Sense

Mini Biography of Thomas Paine, Journalist, Political Philosopher, Built Case for American Independence Name: Thomas Paine Birth Date: February 9, 1737 - June 8, 1809 Job Functions: Journalist, Political Philosopher Fields: Philosophy, Journalism Known For:  Common Sense As we come to the end of National Mentoring Month, and our series on the people Napoleon Hill used as invisible mentors, today I feature Thomas Paine, journalist, political philosopher, and creator of pamphlets (I cannot embrace the word pamphleteer, can you?). While reading about Paine, I asked myself, like so … [Read more...]

Week of January 27th on the Invisible Mentor

Week of January 27th on the Invisible Mentor This is the fourth full week of the New Year, and I am still finding the editorial calendar to be extremely useful and I am getting into a routine. We are spending time with The Social Contract (Penguin Great Ideas) and Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller - Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century, and we are featuring either Thomas Paine or Napoleon Bonaparte, two of Napoleon Hill’s nine invisible counselors. Monday: 7 Deadly Sins of Mentoring. It is National Mentoring Month, so my focus is still on mentoring. This article is … [Read more...]

Mondays at the Salon: The Mentor as Invisible

Over centuries, mentors have been playing a significant role in the lives of successful people. Mentor first appeared in Homer’s Odyssey where he was left in charge of Telemachus, the young son of King Odysseus who went to fight in the Trojan War. The Goddess Athena disguised as Mentor advised Telemachus when he grew older, to go and search for his father who had now been gone for 20 years. In more recent times, Freddie Laker mentored Sir Richard Branson, Roger Corman mentored Martin Scorcese and Ron Howard, and former Xerox CEO Anne M. Mulcahy mentored Ursula Burns to take over the … [Read more...]

What Did Napoleon Hill Omit? Invisible Counselors vs. Invisible Mentors

What Did Napoleon Hill Omit? Invisible Counselors vs. Invisible Mentors The Internet has been abuzz over the past few weeks with Napoleon Hill's Invisible Counselors, but is this technique different from Invisible Mentors? Are people going to turn The Invisible Counselor Technique into a fad like "The Secret" movie where viewers thought they could visualize a goal and have it manifest without taking action, instead of taking the time to do things the correct way. Is there really an easy way out? This post is my reaction to the concept of Invisible Counselors. Please refer to Vishen … [Read more...]