The Invisible Mentor Week in Review

This is what we talked about on The Invisible Mentor Blog this week: Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, Wisdom of Life Profile: Thomas Carlyle, British Historian, Essayist and Leading Social Critic, and Julie Daniluk, TV Show Host, Author, and Nutritionist. Adventures in Learning Self-mentoring is not a new concept, and according to Dr. Marsha L. Carr from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, “Self-mentoring occurs when the achiever (mentee) is willing to take the initiative while accepting responsibility for his/her own development by devoting time to navigate within the … [Read more...]

Profile of Wisdom – Thomas Carlyle, British Historian, Essayist and Leading Social Critic of Victorian England

Thomas Carlyle, British Historian, Essayist and Leading Social Critic of Victorian England “Thomas Carlyle, the nineteenth-century British historian and essayist believed that leaders shape and determine history.... was convinced that “history is the biography of great men,” the greatest of them being kings. The very word king, Carlyle contended, derives from the ancient word Can-ning, which means “Able-man” (although his etymology can be disputed). In Carlyle’s view, the Ablemen (and Ablewomen) of the human species direct the course of history and determine humanity’s destiny.” New … [Read more...]

How to Fill the Information Gap

Is there a subject that you have to learn that is quite dull? There are many ways to fill the information gap if you get creative enough. Take me for instance, I do not like history and it has never been one of my favourite subjects, but more and more, I am feeling the information gap and the need to fill it. See Part Two and Part Three of How to Fill the Information Gap series. There are many people who I wanted to learn more about, many were historical figures and well known, and others were not so well known. The well known figures, I knew their claim to fame but not much else. No one … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesdays: Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist, Poet and Lecturer

Even though Ralph Waldo Emerson died over a century ago, his work is read and consulted frequently. In 1841 he published Essays: First Series and in 1844 Essays: Second Series, both essay series are still very popular even today. He was an abolitionist and refused to obey the Fugitive Slave Law. Name: Ralph Waldo Emerson Birth Date: May 1803 – April 1882 Job Functions: Essayist, Poet and Lecturer Fields: Education, Literature Known For: Essay Series One and Two At the age of 14, Ralph Waldo Emerson went to Harvard College on a scholarship which he made the very most of. At the age of … [Read more...]