Power of the Master Mind

Power of the Master Mind This is the fifth and last blog post in the series based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and today we focus on the power of the master mind, which is the ninth step in the 13 steps to success. Being a member of a master mind, peer-mentoring, or co-mentoring group is important because as they say, ‘two heads are better than one.’ Imagine the benefits when you have five or so people to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off. When Napoleon Hill refers to the power of the Master Mind, his expectation is that there are at least three people. I was in a … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 27th to 31st

The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 27th to 31st It’s the beginning of February and this month is Black History Month. I cannot believe that one month has passed already since the New Year started. In the month of January, we celebrated National Mentoring Month, so we profiled some of the men that Napoleon Hill used as invisible counselor (invisible mentors) – he imaged the qualities that he admired in them, as a way to rebuild his character. Let’s look at the Week in Review on The Invisible Mentor blog where we featured The Social Contract, Think and Grow Rich and Thomas … [Read more...]

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Review

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Review It’s been said countless times that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and that is very much so with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. I first read Think and Grow Rich over 10 years ago, and it didn’t resonate with me. However, I liked the summary of the book by Earl Nightingale, which I have read a few times. Fast forward to today, I just finished reading it and this time around I appreciate what the writer was saying. At first I thought that I enjoyed Think and Grow Rich better the second time because I liked the contemporary … [Read more...]

Roundtable of Invisible Mentors #napoleonhill #invisiblecounselors

Roundtable of Invisible Mentors #napoleonhill #invisiblecounselors “If trusted friends could introduce you to five people, dead or alive, who you have always wanted to meet, who would you choose and what would you say to them?” That’s one of the questions that I ask when I interview successful people, and I have always thought that their responses, are all people who would make great invisible mentors. And included in the five people, some people have responded that they would either like to meet an ancestor or their younger self. Think about my question for a second, why couldn’t you … [Read more...]

Thomas Paine, Built a Case for American Independence in Common Sense

Mini Biography of Thomas Paine, Journalist, Political Philosopher, Built Case for American Independence Name: Thomas Paine Birth Date: February 9, 1737 - June 8, 1809 Job Functions: Journalist, Political Philosopher Fields: Philosophy, Journalism Known For:  Common Sense As we come to the end of National Mentoring Month, and our series on the people Napoleon Hill used as invisible mentors, today I feature Thomas Paine, journalist, political philosopher, and creator of pamphlets (I cannot embrace the word pamphleteer, can you?). While reading about Paine, I asked myself, like so … [Read more...]