Andrew Warner, Founder of Part Two

Interviewee Name: Andrew Warner Company Name: Website: Andrew Warner - Your Invisible Mentor & Workshop Leader Avil Beckford: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Andrew Warner: I founded a company called and that’s where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses, and I do it for an audience of rabid entrepreneurs who are eager to soak up as much information as they can from other entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. These are people who know about and know that they could be watching … [Read more...]

What Does Mentoring Mean?

Definition of Mentoring: The modern usage of mentor - trusted friend, counsellor or teacher - first appeared in François Fénelon’s Les Aventures de Telemaque in 1699, Wikipedia (2009). has a similar definition for a mentor, “Wise and trusted counsellor or teacher, an influential senior sponsor or supporter.”  And Wikipedia notes that “Mentors provide their expertise to less-experienced individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance their education.”   An important aspect of professional success involves participating in mentoring programs. And now more … [Read more...]