Speed Reading Tip: Read a Chunk of Words at a Time

speed reading

Speed Reading Tip: Read a Chunk of Words at a Time Since my mother’s death in late 2012, I have been working on major yearly personal projects that can have an impacton my professional life. First, I had the World Virtual Book Tour  as a tribute to her, then my informal Liberal Arts Education, and this year, it’s The Invisible Mentor 2015 Reading Challenge. But the interesting thing is that all the three projects are very much related and they are projects you do for more than a year – they are all connected. Life is like that, and I am sure you can relate with your own examples. I am still working on my informal liberal arts education … [Read more...]

Make a choice, stick to it, pace yourself!

make a choice

Make a choice, stick to it, pace yourself! Every day we are confronted with many decisions. With most decisions, there are many choices so we have to choose. We do not always have all the background information so we have to do the best we can. The worst thing anyone can do is to waste too much time on fact-finding, and delay the important step of deciding – make a choice, stick to it, and pace yourself. I have mentioned it several times that I am learning to speed read the right way, but what does that mean? I have speed reading software on my computer, I have the PhotoReading course from Learning Strategies, speed reading books (I … [Read more...]

BrainRead: Effective Speed Reading – Reading like the Swedish by Göran Askeljung


BrainRead – Effective Speed Reading – Reading like the Swedish by Göran Askeljung I purchased BrainRead: Effective Speed Reading - Reading like the Swedish by Göran Askeljung over 10 months ago, and I had been waiting for the English edition for months, so I am not sure why it took me so long to read it. Göran Askeljung was born in Sweden, and the Swedes are among the fastest readers in the world with a high level of comprehension. It turns out that Swedish children learn to read quickly from watching television. The population in Sweden is not big enough for film makers to invest in dubbing films in their language so sub-titles are used. … [Read more...]

Rapid Reading and Retention Workshop

Rapid Reading

Rapid Reading and Retention Workshop Talk about synchronicity! As you know I have been investing a lot of time learning to read faster so that I can read the 50 classic literature books for my informal liberal arts education. And each day I perform speed reading drills using browser extensions and bookmarklets. I received an email informing me about a Rapid Reading and Retention workshop offered by Jim Kwik so I immediately signed up. I like to learn as much as I can about a topic of interest or a new subject so that I can pick out the sections that will work for my situation. And this is especially important since the ability to read … [Read more...]

Goal Achievement, Lessons Learned, and Flexibility

To achieve major goals in your life, a road map of your goals is critical. I've mentioned that for this year, one of my major goals is to have a Virtual Literary World Tour based on books by authors from around the globe and I have been preparing for that. This goal is very important to me, and one that I'm committed to achieving, and now that I have started to read the books that I have selected, I know that I am on the right track. But I am also learning some lessons that I'd like to share with you. Having goals, and implementing them is seldom easy, and we have to be flexible. For instance, my plan for the most part, is to read a … [Read more...]