Classic Literature Reading Game #theclassics

Reading Game

Classic Literature Reading Game Reading can be a lot of fun, but why should you read, and how do you decide which books to read? We have provided countless lists of books to read, but I thought it would be fun to create the Classic Literature Reading Game, since that’s what I am reading this year. This game was inspired by Random House’s Reading Bingo (2014 Reading Bingo). Target to read a book each week, but if that seems like too much for you, how about you read at least one book every month? Another suggestion is to read all the books in one or two categories. How about if you chose two series and read all the books in each series? … [Read more...]

How to Remember What You Read

Cornell Note Taking System

How to Remember What You Read We have touched on bits and pieces of this topic before, but how to remember what you read is meant to be Part II to yesterday’s post How to Improve Learning. In “How to Improve Learning,” I talked about the curve of forgetting which I recently learned about, and to get things straight in my mind, about how to remember what I read, I am writing this post for me. In clarifying things in my mind, on how to use this new information, I am hoping that you will also learn how to remember what you read. We learned that we forget over 66 percent of what we learn during the first hour. If this is indeed the case, … [Read more...]

SummaReview of Mind Mapping for Kids by Toni Krasnic

Mind Mapping for Kids by Toni Krasnic, Book Review I visit this website daily to discover which e-books are available for free, and a few days ago I noticed Mind Mapping for Kids: How Elementary School Students Can Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking by Toni Krasnic so I downloaded it. You can find very good books on the website, but when they are first published, the authors offer them for free for a few days to get the word out. I know that a mind map is a great tool, but I have never really invested the time to learn how to use it properly. Since this book is meant for kids, I thought that the author … [Read more...]

Mondays at the Salon: How to Summarize a Book for Professional Development

Reading should be an educational journey even if you are reading for entertainment. Great ideas can come from any genre of books, even fiction. While you are reading, always have the questions below in the back of your mind. Study the questions until they become second nature to you. After you have read a book, if there are potential ways that the information can help you make note of it. While I’m reading, I make notes in the front and back covers of the books. If it’s a book that I’m reviewing, I wait a few days after I have finished reading the book  to digest its contents because I have discovered that I often have a delayed reaction … [Read more...]

How to Read Faster While Reading Well

This weekend I attended The Iris Reading Speed Reading course, which I purchased from Groupon. While reflecting on what I learned at the Iris Reading course and the High Speed Learning course which I attended a few years ago, I have some thoughts about reading faster without sacrificing comprehension. Three Habits Acquired When We Learned to Read Regression: We learned to read from left to right, one word at a time Fixation: We focus on one word at a time and break down monosyllabic words into syllables Sub-vocalization: We read phonectically, breaking down the words in our minds first before we move on to the next We learn … [Read more...]