Power of the Master Mind

Power of the Master Mind This is the fifth and last blog post in the series based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and today we focus on the power of the master mind, which is the ninth step in the 13 steps to success. Being a member of a master mind, peer-mentoring, or co-mentoring group is important because as they say, ‘two heads are better than one.’ Imagine the benefits when you have five or so people to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off. When Napoleon Hill refers to the power of the Master Mind, his expectation is that there are at least three people. I was in a … [Read more...]

3 Mentoring Tips – What Mentoring Isn’t

In mentoring relationships, mentors guide and advise their protégés. The most successful mentorship partnerships are high trust relationships, where those involved, value and respect each other. Mentors advise their protégés but they cannot force them to accept the advice. Ever heard of the saying, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink it? It’s something like that. Protégés have the right to decide if the advice they receive is in their best interest. Mentors and protégés must listen actively to each other, which helps them to understand who they are and their … [Read more...]

Mentoring Trends, Types of Mentoring & Strategic Use of Mentoring

In the webinar, “Why Mentoring Programs Can Fail – The Common Pitfalls to Avoid,” led by Judy Corner Director, Consulting Services, Insala, she covered trends in mentoring, the reasons for mentoring, how mentoring is used and the types of mentoring. Please see Part One of this post 7 Common Pitfalls to Avoid With Your Mentoring Programs. Trends in Mentoring Mentoring is now a part of the business and organizational strategy. Organizations are moving from informal to more formal mentoring programs and tying it to their organizational objectives. Mentoring is becoming more … [Read more...]