Identifying the right Mentor by Rodger Harding

Identifying the right Mentor The volume of comment and messages received in recent weeks, clearly shows that my 4-part mentorship series in collaboration with the Invisible Mentor has not covered all bases (Mentorship Program Relevance Today: Against a backdrop of  shifting mentee requirement)! The missing gap, distilled from diverse questions, would be dealing with the ability of the mentee to identify the right mentor! “How do I know what type of mentor to look for?” “What can I do to ensure I have the right mentor?” As a firm believer that identifying and responding to specific … [Read more...]

Is Sponsorship the new Mentorship? By Rodger Harding

Is Sponsorship the new Mentorship?  Outcome vs. Empowerment The almost imperceptible ebb of Mentorship programs, and the corresponding rise of Sponsorship initiatives in corporate circles, perhaps warrants a look at their underlying differences: Much like Mentorship, the concept of Sponsorship has been around forever!  While Mentorship is the disinterested effort of a Mentor to identify, understand, engage and enable full Mentee potential (standing free of outcomes), Sponsorship is the focused effort of the Sponsor to ensure an individual achieves identified career goals. For … [Read more...]

Is Corporate Mentorship Passé? By Rodger Harding

Is Corporate Mentorship Passé? By Rodger Harding  Things fall apart…. The centre cannot hold” - W.B. Yeats We know that fads come and go … then often resurge … the same deal dressed in a different package…! Conversely, there are many constants - Since time began, perhaps a most basic reality is that people strive to be the best they can; another constant is that no person is an island… We all need help in achieving our goals. There is no doubt that we benefit from a like-minded assistance - Being seen, understood, engaged and assisted… for who we really are… and who we might … [Read more...]