The Invisible Mentor Interviews Mary Lou Fallis Part Two

Here is Part Two of Mary Lou's interview. You can read Part One and refresh your memory. How similar is her interview to her mother's, Lois Fallis? How do you integrate your personal and professional life? I wrote my personal life for the stage. I can’t separate my personal and professional life. I am old enough, confident and experienced enough that I can negotiate a fee. The way that I make a separation is that I have an office outside my home which is very important for me because our house is very small. My husband, Peter and I don’t do stuff that involves musicians together. He has … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Lois Fallis

"Make it work," is a phrase that was used in the Fallis' household. If there was a problem, people talked it through and negotiated. People didn't leave the table upset and not speaking to each other. If each of us lived that phrase, we would have less problems in our world today. When Lois Fallis said those words, I really heard what she had to say because I often get upset because I feel like I am not being heard, and I am referring to professional situations as well. It's my responsibility to make sure that I have a voice at the table. How about you, do you make it work? Lois Fallis is … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Mary Lou Fallis

On Wednesday and Thursday I present Mary Lou Fallis,  and on Friday, I present Lois Fallis, her mother. This is something I am experimenting with. I am always changed by these interviews because I learn so much by and about the interviewees. In life we face disappointments all the time and it's often been said that when one door closes another one opens. Mary Lou was in the finals for her auditions at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City but she didn't win. It was a huge disappointment for her because she had to change her career path, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As a … [Read more...]