If You Could Meet Anyone, Dead or Alive, Who Would You Choose?

Mentor yourself today by learning about the five people that you’d most like to meet. What can you learn from them? One of the questions that I ask in the invisible mentor interview is “If trusted friends could introduce you to five people (living or dead) that you’ve always wanted to meet, who would you choose? And what would you say to them?” A lot of the times after interviewees have named the five people who they would want to meet, they comment that they wouldn’t ask any questions, instead, they would simply listen. The ability to listen is one of the skills that great leaders … [Read more...]

Mentor Yourself With Patty DeDominic Part Two

Interviewee Name: Patty DeDominic Company Name: DeDominic & Associates Website: http://dedominic.com Avil Beckford: Tell me a little bit about yourself. I'm a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Now I make my living as a professional coach and I guide high achieving professionals and organizations in making major transitions for themselves and their organizations. Avil Beckford: How do you integrate your personal and professional life? It is a challenge. I have three sons and five grandchildren and I try to spend time with them, talk to them online, and in person. Our grandson … [Read more...]

Mentor Yourself With Jacoline Loewen, Partner, Loewen & Partners Part Two

Your Invisible Mentor: Jacoline Loewen, Partner  Company: Loewen & Partners Website: http://www.loewenpartners.com Many years ago, Jacoline Loewen went to see a psychic. The psychic heard her accent and assumed that she was from Australia, so she went on and on about Australia. None of her predictions were accurate. Jacoline wondered why she wasted her $50, which was a lot of money at the time. She asked herself, "What would make you breathless?" and developed a life plan of five-year increments for 25 years. Though her plans appeared bigger than life at the time, she has achieved … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Diane Danielson Part II

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Diane Danielson Part II In Part One of Diane Danielson's interview, the three words that I used to describe her are Brave, Bold and Pioneer. And, after processing the interview, here are the steps that I think are required to be a trailblazer: Take risks Have a support network Think big and be bold Jump in and try things, fail fast if you have to Embrace change Say yes to opportunities Of course there are other requirements but I think the ones I listed are pretty important, what are your thoughts? Part Two of Danielson's interview is just as … [Read more...]