What’s This Infographics That So Many People Are Talking About?

Over the past six months I’ve seen the word infographics coming up a lot in blog posts, articles and so on. Looking at the word combinations and the way it was used I had a clear idea of what the word infographics meant. According to Wikipedia, the definition of infographics is “Visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an unsophisticated infographic of how to generate great ideas, which is a combination of the steps from Graham Wallas and James Webb Young models. It’s a topic we have covered a few times so it … [Read more...]

The Formula for Generating Great Ideas

While I was reading How to Get Great Ideas by Estelle H. Ries (1961), it became evident that it was simply a new spin on the information by James Webb Young (Technique for Producing Great Ideas) and Graham Wallas (Creativity Model in Art of Thought, which is an extension of Hermann von Helmholtz's model) that we have covered on this blog, but generating great ideas is an important art so it’s worth repeating. To make this process relevant, think about the following or any other pressing need, and use the formula to see where it leads you: Process that needs improving at work Product does … [Read more...]

How to Generate Creative Ideas

How creative are your ideas? How many creative ideas do you get? And what process do you use to generate creative ideas. The ability to think creatively, or generate creative ideas might just be the skill that gives you a competitive edge. Below is a model which is a combination of Graham Wallas' and James Webb Young's creativity models (Based on my life experiences, I have added information to the models). What can you add to the model to make it better? If your project is just for fun you do not have to follow all the steps, especially the ones in data collection (for example interviewing … [Read more...]

Summary of A Technique for Producing Great Ideas by James Webb Young

I first learned about A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young a couple of months ago, so I did a quick search on the internet to get additional information. I found two articles that summarized the book, which is only 48 pages in length, and felt the method described sounded similar to the one outlined in the Art of Thought by Graham Wallas, which I have written about several times. As a professional with over 15 years research experience, I felt it important to read the book for myself because information that I may think is important might have been left out of the articles … [Read more...]