7 Accidental Discoveries

One of the questions that I ask when I interview people for this blog is, tell me about your biggest failure and how did it translate into a great success? Like most people in life, I like it when things work out in the end. In life, things do not always work out, but that should not stop us from being hopeful. Though there are many times when what seemed like a sure failure, mistake or whatever you'd like to call it, turned out to be a major coup. Here are seven accidental discoveries: Champagne: A popular story about how champagne was first created suggests that a monk named Dom Perignon … [Read more...]

10 Tweets from Thomas Edison

Image via Wikipedia Here are the tweets that I think Thomas Edison would blog about on Twitter: @Edison I improved on a 50-year old idea to produce a light bulb that worked. What can u improve upon today? @Edison I had very little formal education, so lack of formal education is no excuse for failure. Persistence pay @Edison Held 1,093 patents for different inventions, many of which influenced your life @Edison Don’t be mesmerized with the idea of success. I’ve had some whopping failures, but I’d like 2 think I failed forward 2 success @Edison As a child I consumed books: … [Read more...]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Part II)

  "For everyone of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out" Oprah Winfrey There are many ways that people show others the way, both directly and indirectly. And, many people have allowed others to stand on their shoulders, sometimes even without knowing, simply by teaching others what they know or by documenting their observations, thoughts, insights and discoveries for others to read. A quick way for us to stand on the shoulders of giants is to examine what’s been done before by reading about and listening to the experiences and lives of … [Read more...]