Infographic: Mentoring at a Glance

I get contacted all the time by people asking if they can write guests posts for The Invisible Mentor Blog, but I say no, not because I do not want to introduce new thought to my readers, but because what they are pitching is inappropriate. You can tell that they do not even know what kind of information is on the blog, and they do not care, all they care about is pushing their content. But a few weeks ago, Craig Murray asked if I would publish an infographic guest blog post, and you could tell that he had actually gone to the blog and read what was there. We started the dialog, and he … [Read more...]

What’s This Infographics That So Many People Are Talking About?

Over the past six months I’ve seen the word infographics coming up a lot in blog posts, articles and so on. Looking at the word combinations and the way it was used I had a clear idea of what the word infographics meant. According to Wikipedia, the definition of infographics is “Visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an unsophisticated infographic of how to generate great ideas, which is a combination of the steps from Graham Wallas and James Webb Young models. It’s a topic we have covered a few times so it … [Read more...]