Mentoring Advice at Your Finger Tips

I have taken the answers to specific questions from Kevin Shea's, Carrie Katz's and Lois Fallis' interview and presented them so you can compare and contrast. I will do this today and tomorrow and next week I will present another Invisible Mentor interview. Think of the questions below while you are reading the blog post. How does the information relate to your work and life? What are five takeaways? What qualities do you have that are similar to the interviewees? How will those qualities aid your success? Tell me a little bit about yourself. Kevin Shea I was born in … [Read more...]

Summary of A Technique for Producing Great Ideas by James Webb Young

I first learned about A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young a couple of months ago, so I did a quick search on the internet to get additional information. I found two articles that summarized the book, which is only 48 pages in length, and felt the method described sounded similar to the one outlined in the Art of Thought by Graham Wallas, which I have written about several times. As a professional with over 15 years research experience, I felt it important to read the book for myself because information that I may think is important might have been left out of the articles … [Read more...]