Adventures in Learning: Goddess Athena & a Brief History of Mentoring

Greek Goddess Athena The Greek Goddess Athena was born as a full grown adult, sprouting out of the head of her father, Zeus, in full body armour. She is the Goddess of war and strategy, the arts, wisdom and intelligence and also a protectress of the city. Athena had a soft spot for King Odysseus. In Roman mythology, Athena is known as Minerva. Brief History of Mentoring and Goddess Athena When King Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War, he left his dear friend Mentor in charge of his young son Telemachus. Twenty years had gone by, yet Telemachus and his mother Penelope did not … [Read more...]

Profile of Wisdom – Thomas Carlyle, British Historian, Essayist and Leading Social Critic of Victorian England

Thomas Carlyle, British Historian, Essayist and Leading Social Critic of Victorian England “Thomas Carlyle, the nineteenth-century British historian and essayist believed that leaders shape and determine history.... was convinced that “history is the biography of great men,” the greatest of them being kings. The very word king, Carlyle contended, derives from the ancient word Can-ning, which means “Able-man” (although his etymology can be disputed). In Carlyle’s view, the Ablemen (and Ablewomen) of the human species direct the course of history and determine humanity’s destiny.” New … [Read more...]

Adventures in Learning: DIY Mentoring Program

Mentor Yourself: DIY Mentoring Program In the recent mentoring survey by the social network LinkedIn, a large percent of women reported that the reason they didn’t have a mentor was because no one had asked them. This is the first in a series that will assist you in taking control of your career by creating your own personal mentoring program. Instead of waiting to be asked if you would like to be mentored, you will learn how to take the initiative in finding appropriate mentors for yourself. It may seem weird to you that there is such a thing as a do-it-yourself mentoring program. We … [Read more...]