Review of Linchpin – Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin

Linchpin – Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin - Your Invisible Mentor Five Great Ideas Stop asking what’s in it for you, and start giving gifts that change. Productivity and generosity make markets bigger and more efficient. Seek out achievements where there are no limits. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Perfection is overrated, laugh at it. Benjamin Franklin discovered that perfectionism doesn’t exist. Questions to Ponder If your organization decided to replace you with someone with superior skills and far better at your job than you, what would the job ad say? Do … [Read more...]

What Did Napoleon Hill Omit? Invisible Counselors vs. Invisible Mentors

What Did Napoleon Hill Omit? Invisible Counselors vs. Invisible Mentors The Internet has been abuzz over the past few weeks with Napoleon Hill's Invisible Counselors, but is this technique different from Invisible Mentors? Are people going to turn The Invisible Counselor Technique into a fad like "The Secret" movie where viewers thought they could visualize a goal and have it manifest without taking action, instead of taking the time to do things the correct way. Is there really an easy way out? This post is my reaction to the concept of Invisible Counselors. Please refer to Vishen … [Read more...]

What’s Your ASSIGNMENT In Life?

What's your ASSIGNMENT in life? What were you put on this earth to accomplish? I was reading Mike Litman's article "Why Most People Never Soar" and here's what he wrote which got me thinking: We were all born for a certain ASSIGNMENT. A 'position' in life that our unique talents and skills can serve the greatest amount of people and reap us incredible prosperity. The closer we are to this POSITION, the place where success is practically guaranteed, the greater our likelihood of massive success. Why do most people never aim to locate their ASSIGNMENT, the PLACE that their success … [Read more...]

A Word a Day Keeps Dementia at Bay?

I have often heard it said that reading, working on puzzles, learning a word a day and other such practices help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer. Seven years ago while studying the program Lead the Field, Earl Nightingale stressed the importance of learning and growing. He suggested reading a book a week and learning a word a day. I mastered reading a book a week and now read on average eight books a month. Initially, I had problems learning a word a day. I subscribed to a website that sent me a word every morning, and I purchased vocabulary builder books but I didn't stick to the … [Read more...]

Interview With Paul Swaby

Paul Swaby, Founder, ZOMPAS Challenge: As a public speaker and real estate investor, each week, I have to talk to people about how to create wealth. I'm challenged because the majority of the individuals who attend my seminars know nothing about real estate investments. However, if they know about real estate they usually don't understand the amount of long-term wealth they can attain. Solution: I teach people specifically about the "New Found Freedom" (NFF) the fourth book I'm going to write. It hones in on the specific steps required to create long-term wealth and become … [Read more...]