The Invisible Mentor Interviews Donna Whitney Part Two

Here is Part Two of Donna Whitney's interview and I hope that you've had the time to digest Part One. I know that it's a lot of content but it's loaded with solid information that you can use. After I transcribed Donna's interview, I realized that it was the first time that anyone had really mapped out their career path for all to see. The "Tell me a little bit about yourself" is very detailed and has a lot of depth. It was interesting to see how someone moved from one role to the next and sometimes the reasons for the decision. Instead of trying to summarize it and taking out germane … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Donna Whitney

Today I present Donna Whitney, and as usual there are many lessons to learn. Her response to the question, "Tell me a bit about yourself" was quite long, but weaves a very interesting tale that we can all learn from. One potent lesson for me after reading it was, if it doesn't feel right, walk away, don't compromise your values. I have to think about how to present it so I'll do that for tomorrow. From the information presented in this interview, what are five takeaways? How can you use the information in your situation? What’s a typical day like for you? There is no such thing as a … [Read more...]