The Formula for Generating Great Ideas

While I was reading How to Get Great Ideas by Estelle H. Ries (1961), it became evident that it was simply a new spin on the information by James Webb Young (Technique for Producing Great Ideas) and Graham Wallas (Creativity Model in Art of Thought, which is an extension of Hermann von Helmholtz's model) that we have covered on this blog, but generating great ideas is an important art so it’s worth repeating. To make this process relevant, think about the following or any other pressing need, and use the formula to see where it leads you: Process that needs improving at work Product does … [Read more...]

When Feeling Overwhelmed – And What To Do About It

There is so much going on around us that it is very hard not to feel overwhelmed. We have too much to do at work, and too much information to process. I have been looking at this blog, and there is a lot of good content here. I have experimented with breaking up interviews and combining them in novel ways, and I have gotten some positive feedback. I want to enhance the user experience so I am exploring ways to better mine the data by doing textual analysis to provide bite-sized pieces of information that is more easily digested. This is critical for the interviews where we have good … [Read more...]