Show Me Your Company And I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Achieving Goals: Show Me Your Company And I’ll Tell You Who You Are There is truth to the adage that if you show me your company I will tell you for you are. What are your goals in life? What percentage of the time do you accomplish the things that you want in life? If you seldom meet your goals and objectives, it probably is time to look at the people in your sphere of influence. If you want to be smarter you have to hang around smarter people. And if you want to be wealthier in life (not only wealthy in money), hang out with wealthy people. That's part of the formula to achieving … [Read more...]

The Rule of Five

A few years ago I came across the Rule of Five outlined in 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer, a book marketing expert . Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have also used the Rule of Five to take their books to bestseller status. The Rule of Five simply means that each and every day you perform five activities that will assist you in achieving your core goals. So in their case they were trying to sell their book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, so one day they would send out five copies of books to be reviewed, another day would be calling five radio stations to get interviews and … [Read more...]