The Invisible Mentor Interviews Roger Dacre, Medical Doctor Part Two

Interviewee Name: Roger Dacre, Medical Doctor Company Name: Dr. Roger I Dacre Website: Avil Beckford: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Dr. Roger Dacre: I was born in London, England and when I was about six years old my parents moved to Barbados. A year or so later they sent me back to attend boarding school in the UK. I attended medical school in the UK, in London, England and then I emigrated to Canada and did residency or specialty training in family medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. After that I worked for 10 years in … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Interviews Meryl K. Evans Part Two

Meryl K. Evans - Your Invisible Mentor Here is Part Two of Meryl's interview. It's loaded with some solid information. Think about five life lessons that you have learned so far, what are they? Here are Meryl's five lessons: Appreciate life every day. Take care of myself to ensure I take better care of those in my life. Work with a diversity of people: backgrounds, experiences, generations. Patience! Balance. It's OK to turn down things that don't fit your schedule, goals and enjoyment. It's OK to blog less often. Avil Beckford:  Tell me a little bit about yourself. Meryl … [Read more...]