2011 Books for Mentoring

Reading gives me great pleasure, so I spend a lot of time indulging myself. I also find that I am mentored by the books that I read, even novels, and books often shape my thinking. I try to read many different genres in a quest to be more creative in my thinking. I recently discovered that the books that I read were not as diverse as I thought, if you look at where the authors originate from. Below is a list of some of the books that I have enjoyed this year, how many on the list have you read? This is a sampling because I have read over 150 books since the start of 2011. If I have reviewed … [Read more...]

Book Extravaganza – Books for Your Bookshelf!

Next week I’ll have a list of books to read this summer. But today instead of having a new book review, because I have many new readers I have included a link to seven book reviews I have already done. [Update: Here is a list of books to read for 2012] Some of the books on this list you may not have heard of before, but all of them are worth reading. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Analects of Confucius are similar in the sense that both have lessons for us to live by. Though some of the lessons are outdated, there are some that are still applicable today. If you’d like to … [Read more...]

What CEOs Are Reading

Each year, the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) in Korea conducts a survey of CEOs to determine their reading habits and recommendable books. The results of the latest survey are now available, and 392 CEOs responded. For this year, the most sought-after reading topics include: coexistence with nature, humans and society, and tips on new businesses and business expansion; finding peace of mind and achieving your hopes. For the six years that SERI has conducted the survey, an increasing number of CEOs are reading more than three books each month. Here are the 14 books that the CEOs … [Read more...]