The Invisible Mentor 5-Stage Model Expanded

The Invisible Mentor 5-Stage Model Expanded Yesterday, I introduced The Invisible Mentor 5-Stage Model, and today in the final instalment in the series, I will expand it, to give you a clearer idea what it is about. The model is a professional development system, and for it to work for you, you have to devote the time. As some may know, last year, I embarked on an informal liberal arts education, where I took a number of courses online. Of the courses that I took, only one I paid for, and I bought it when it was 75 percent off. I spent considerable time choosing my courses, but I made a … [Read more...]

5 Stages of the Invisible Mentor Model

5 Stages of the Invisible Mentor Model Why Invisible Mentors? The ideas, examples and achievements of personally aligned role models can provide you with inspiration and stimulation that helps you refine and achieve your goals. That’s one of the reasons why readers love the invisible mentor interviews. Through articles, interviews, books, videos, podcasts, blogs and courses, the advice of successful and accomplished people is shared with you. Ongoing exposure to the works of effective practitioners will help you exercise critical thinking, support the discovery of information … [Read more...]

Evolution of The Invisible Mentor

Evolution of The Invisible Mentor For those who do not know the story, in the fall of 2007, while going for a morning walk in High Park, I was wondering how to market my book, Tales of People Who Get It. Suddenly, your book is your board of invisible mentors popped into my consciousness. This was an epiphany for me because my book is based on interviews of highly successful people, and whenever I faced a problem, I often remembered parts of interviews that I had conducted. I was so excited that I told a friend about the experience, and she replied that it was brilliant, but I should get rid … [Read more...]