Books to Read March 2014 – National Women’s History Month #theclassics

To celebrate National Women’s History Month and Year of Reading Women (#readwomen2014), our books to read in March 2014 are written by women. I recommend that you read a book each week for a total of four books, but I commit to reading seven or eight. Though Middlemarch is a staple on the lists of must-read books, I doubt that I will attempt to read it for March because it is close to 900 pages in length. I possess all the books on the list except for The Golden Notebook and The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, so I will choose my books to read from books that I already … [Read more...]

Is reading the book enough?

Is reading the book enough? Is reading the book enough to gain an understanding of the subject matter? I am asking the question because yesterday, while conducting the literature review for my liberal arts education, I read that it is better to read and know a few of the great books well, than to simply read many of them. Not very long ago, I read and reviewed, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Although I had never read the book before, or seen the film, I knew what it was about, who doesn’t? Last night, Trinity St. Paul’s United Church presented a dramatic reading of Charles … [Read more...]

Why Reading Children’s Books Is Important

Children are naturally curious, constantly asking why. They see no boundaries and do not think it can't be done, and why should they? As they grow older, we place constraints around them, and they slowly become less creative. And they stop imagining the impossible, and society becomes less innovative. If we take a look at the innovators who have shaped our world, one trait they have in common is curiosity (Do you Have the Traits of Great Thinkers and Innovators Who Shaped the World?). Reading children's booksis important because it is one way to take us out of our heads and into the world of … [Read more...]

Are You Growing Personally and Professionally?

Are you growing personally and professionally? How do you know that you are growing? What are the signals? How do you gauge your progress? Consistently reading books that make you think is a sure-fire way to grow personally and professionally. When I was writing my book Tales of People Who Get It, which is based on interviews of highly accomplished people, one of the questions that I asked was, “Which one book had a profound impact on your life?” Since I was interviewing others, I thought it only fair that I interview myself. That was six years ago - in 2006 - and at the time I chose … [Read more...]

Why You Must Read Broadly – Tip 2

Reading broadly is a great tool for creative problem solving. Are you a fountain of great ideas? When issues inevitably arise in your life, are you able to resolve them effectively? Are you known as someone who applies creative solutions to pesky problems? In his 1926 book The Art of Thought, Graham Wallas, the English political scientist and psychologist, adopted and expanded Hermann von Helmholtz’s process to idea development. Wallas describes a four-stage creativity process for generating great ideas — preparation, incubation, illumination and implementation. The preparation stage … [Read more...]