Books that Elon Musk Enjoyed

Elon Musk

Books that Elon Musk Enjoyed When someone does something that’s brilliant, most people want to know how she did it, so he can do it too. But should that be your focus? Is it not more important for you to learn how to generate your own brilliant ideas? Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, loves reading, and whenever he wants to learn a new subject area, he reads books to teach him what he needs to know. This must be a winning strategy for him, since he has successfully created a few billion dollar companies. But Musk doesn’t just read the books, he studies and devours them so that he can fully understand the content. He reads … [Read more...]

Reading Globally: The Invisible Mentor 2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge

Reading Globally: The Invisible Mentor 2015 Reading Challenge Don Tapscott, author of The Digital Economy, and business executive specializing in the role of technology in business and society predicts that the already quickened pace of technology will accelerate. Many jobs have been lost to automation in the past two decades, and many more will be lost to robotics and big data. How safe is your career, and will you be a victim of automation? I do not have the answer, but I think we can intentionally read our way to a solution. Won’t you join me on the Reading Globally: The Invisible Mentor 2015 Reading Challenge, which starts on … [Read more...]

An Evening with Don Tapscott at the Rotman School of Management

Don Tapscott

An Evening with Don Tapscott at the Rotman School of Management How good are you at thinking on your feet? I must admit that I am not that great because I tend to reflect on the information that I am taking in, therefore it is difficult for me to respond right away. With that in mind, I recently attended The Digital Economy - A 20-Year Retrospective and Perspectives for the Future, a part of the Big Ideas Speaker Series @ Rotman, where Matthew Bishop, Globalisation Editor, The Economist interviewed Don Tapscott. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tapscott’s book, The Digital Economy ANNIVERSARY EDITION: Rethinking Promise and … [Read more...]

Are You Stuck in a Creative Rut?

Stuck in a Creative Rut

Are You Stuck in a Creative Rut? I often generate great ideas, but over the past year or so, the creative pump has not been working properly. I get some ideas, but far from the amount that I am accustomed to generating so I am feeling very frustrated. Many people have a vision of a light bulb and ta-da, like magic, a great idea hits you like a ton of brick. Although it is a compelling image, great ideas are seldom born that way. You have to create a fertile ground for the ideas to percolate before your Eureka moment occurs. 5 Steps to Generating Great Ideas Step One: Preparation Step Two: Working Over the Problem in Your … [Read more...]

Better Note-Taking: Learning to Abbreviate Words


Taking Better Notes - Learning to Abbreviate Words Note taking is an art, but I did not recognize that until recently. I take notes when I read books and take courses, and sometimes I take better notes than at other times. What I have noticed, especially when I have read a book and have not written the review in a day or two, if I have not taken very good notes, then I have a very difficult time remembering all the important points in the book. Although I would love to think of myself as Wonder Woman, the reality is that the curve of forgetting is a fact of life. When we learn new information, if we have not taken steps to remember … [Read more...]