Interesting Places to Visit in the World

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Interesting Places to Visit in the World

During the first Virtual Literary World Tour, interviewees told us about some interesting places to visit in the world. Because there were so many book summaries, this information was buried. I have extracted these interesting places to visit so that the next time you are planning a vacation you may keep them in mind.

Marcia Mayne: Interesting Places to Visit – Jamaica

Jamaica’s beauty lies in the smiles of her people, the warmth of their hospitality, her fascinating history and her many and varied natural resources. With its close proximity to the US mainland, it’s the perfect destination for a quick beach getaway or a longer trip to explore some of the island’s historic great houses, wander its Georgian towns, or discover some of its 24 species of endemic birds. Jamaica is blessed with a plethora of natural attractions including the legendary Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls with its seven natural falls, the majestic Blue Mountains, tropical wetlands, underground caves, the 500 species of tropical ferns that line the protected 3-mile Fern Gully gorge, and Negril’s famous 7-mile beach from where you can catch the most spectacular sunset in the Caribbean. It’s always summer in Jamaica.

Greenwood or Good Hope Great House, Falmouth, Dunn’s River or YS Falls, Negril (Rick’s Cafe to watch the sun set and the cliff divers) or any of the north coast beaches, rafting on the Rio Grande or the Martha Brae River, the Blue Mountains are must places to visit in Jamaica.

Runa Magnusdottir: Interesting Places to Visit – Iceland

Blue Lagoon – it’s just one of those heavenly places no one should miss. You should visit the Thorsmork (because you will see the volcano ash sand, rivers, green hills a glacier & a glacier lagoon – all in one spot. Bring clothes for all occasions – warm and cold. Be sure to bring swimsuits because all our swimming pools are open all year. You should visit Iceland, if you want to do something different – visit the number 1 destination in the world today – if you love nature and want to be part of it.

Marilyn Johnson: Interesting Places to Visit – Texas

James Hilton must have visited Austin, TX in the early 1930s so he could better describe Shangri La. This city is musically harmonious, wonderfully vibrant, while adorned with wild flowers. It’s filled with diverse residents (who are technologically savvy) and great neighbors.

Jill Johnson: Interesting Places to Visit – Minnesota

Of the four greatest rivers in the world – the Yangtze, Amazon, Nile and Mississippi – the Mississippi River is the only one where the source is readily accessible to the public.  In Itasca State Park, you can actually step across the beginning of the mighty Mississippi. The towering Norway pines in this park were seedlings at the birth of the nation of the United States in 1776. Minnesota also borders the largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Superior.  The Minneapolis area is a great cultural center and home to the Mall of America, the second largest shopping center in America.

Have you visited any of these places? Please write your comments in the box below. Book links are affiliate links.