Better Note-Taking: Learning to Abbreviate Words


Taking Better Notes - Learning to Abbreviate Words Note taking is an art, but I did not recognize that until recently. I take notes when I read books and take courses, and sometimes I take better notes than at other times. What I have noticed, especially when I have read a book and have not written the review in a day or two, if I have not taken very good notes, then I have a very difficult time remembering all the important points in the book. Although I would love to think of myself as Wonder Woman, the reality is that the curve of forgetting is a fact of life. When we learn new information, if we have not taken steps to remember … [Read more...]

Using Technology to Write Meta-Descriptions, Summaries and Abstracts


Using Technology to Write Meta-Descriptions, Summaries and Abstracts This post is the second part to How to Write Meta-Descriptions, Summaries and Abstracts. These days, there is an app to perform virtually any function, so why not one for summarizing text. I am always scouring the internet for ways to perform tasks faster and more efficiently, and earlier in the year, while researching ways to auto-summarize my blog posts to use as a meta-description, I discovered a few options. What I have found, is that manually summarizing takes more time, but the results are far better and more accurate than the technology options. The technology … [Read more...]

How to Write Meta-Descriptions, Summaries and Abstracts


How to Write Meta-Descriptions, Summaries and Abstracts I must admit that I am not great at writing engaging headlines – I know that there are formulas tested by the ad men of yesterday, and when I remember, I use some of those formulas. And writing meta-descriptions are a chore for me, and in my opinion, they are more about search engine optimization and making Google happy. And most of the times, if I am honest with myself, I do not invest enough time to craft the meta-descriptions for my blog posts. However, something clicked for me today that will cause me to change my errant ways. I know that if I do a better job writing … [Read more...]

Booked for Mentoring – Book Review: Read This Before Our Next Meeting by Al Pittampalli

While I was in my degree program at Haskayne School of Business, the University of Calgary, we had to watch a film, Meetings, Bloody Meetings, starring John Cleese, and that stuck with me. I was reminded of that film as I read, Read This Before Our Next Meetingby Al Pittampalli. However, meetings are vital to ensure that critical decisions get made in organizations, and teams are working effectively on complex projects. Therefore, the word meeting should be reserved for decision-making.  There should be no meetings to dispense information; instead, the organization should create a culture where its people read memos. There should be no … [Read more...]

Create Your Board of Mentors – January is National Mentoring Month

For National Mentoring Month, consider creating your Personal Board of Mentors. Having one mentor is seldom ever enough these days, because no one person can assist you with all your mentoring needs. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Your Personal Board of Mentors is similar to an organization's Board of Directors, except in this instance, you are the organization. You don't have to meet with all the members on your Board of Mentors like an organization's board would, but you do have to be in contact with them. Before you choose the members of your personal board, you have to first assess your needs … [Read more...]