How Do You Get Rid of the Distractions in Your Life: Journey of a Mentee – Episode 5

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How do you know when you are distracted? And what steps do you take to remove the distractions?

Last week my coaching program officially started and I was looking forward to it, but I got distracted and the experience wasn’t very gratifying. I am an introvert and do not care for too much stimulation, and I like to relax before meetings to calm and center myself. So I planned to have some time before my coaching session so I would be fully present.

That day I had to go to a client to pick up some stuff and expected to get there early in the day, but things did not work out that way and I had to go a few hours later. There were a few errands that I had to take care of before my coaching session and I couldn’t do them after the session. I was extremely rushed trying to get everything done, but I would have been okay, had a “psychic” not insisted on telling me my future. He wouldn’t leave me alone and subsequently delayed me. I explained to him I didn’t have time but he kept on telling me my fortune and also saying things to make me feel guilty.

Looking back, I was too polite and allowed him to distract me from the important things in my life, has this ever happened to you? My coaching session started at 3:00 pm EST and was expected to run for about 1 ½ hours. I got to my home office at 2:55 pm, which is very unlike me and I was very flustered. By the time I took off my coat and got all the information to dial in it was 3:01 pm. That may not be a big deal for most people, but one of the things I pride myself on is punctuality. I was also tired because of all the running around, as well as hungry since I hadn’t eaten since 8:00 am when I had breakfast.

There are two times when I am cranky: when I am hungry, and when I am tired and I was both so that was a definite recipe for disaster. I announced myself and we waited for people who were later than I was. The coach asked us to do some breathing exercises but all I could think about was how tired and hungry I was.

Each member of our coaching group started to check in, informing group members how much they had accomplished so far, and I felt myself slowly disengaging. I came back to life when I heard my name and it was my time to check in. By the end of the session I was exhausted from all that stimulation. I committed to the group that for our next coaching session on February 28th I will have the introduction to my book Tales of People Who Get It written and have the eight invisible mentor interviews transcribed.

I have written about half of the introduction already and I am transcribing the interviews. The coaching session didn’t work for me but I take full responsibility. I know myself very well and should have ensured that my needs were taken care of. When we do not accomplish our goals, it’s very easy to blame it on circumstances outside ourselves. I know that I have to be relaxed before I go into meetings, so what I should have done when this psychic insisted on speaking to me was to simply walk away since he wasn’t respectful of the fact that I had an important meeting. How do you politely get rid of people who do not respect your time?

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