Books to Read April 2014

Books to Read April 2014

Books to Read April 2014 How many books did you read in March? I read the amount of books that I committed to reading,  just not the same ones I selected, so I am giving myself the opportunity to try it again. Since 2014 is the Year of Reading Women (#readwomen2014) it is all good. A major lesson that I have learned over the past two years is to be gentler on myself.  In case you missed it, please read Books to Read March 2014 to find out the books that we were supposed to be reading, or I should say, the books that I was supposed to be reading. One of my regular readers, who has been reading my posts for a few years now, told me that … [Read more...]

Canada Reads, Could You Defend a Book You Loved?

Canada Reads 2014

Canada Reads, Could You Defend a Book You Loved? Canada Reads made its debut in 2002, and the intent was to get Canadians reading. I thought that it was a novel idea to get people reading the same book. The year before, Chicago introduced its One Book, One Chicago where the residents were reading To Kill a Mockingbird (My review). For the inauguration of Canada Reads, In the Skin of a Lionby Michael Ondaatje won, and I rushed to Chapters to buy my copy. I slogged through that book and I found it very difficult to read (I have since heard that Ondaatje's books are difficult to read). By the way, Michael Ondaatje also wrote The English … [Read more...]

Books to Read March 2014 – National Women’s History Month #theclassics

Books to Read March 2014

To celebrate National Women’s History Month and Year of Reading Women (#readwomen2014), our books to read in March 2014 are written by women. I recommend that you read a book each week for a total of four books, but I commit to reading seven or eight. Though Middlemarch is a staple on the lists of must-read books, I doubt that I will attempt to read it for March because it is close to 900 pages in length. I possess all the books on the list except for The Golden Notebook and The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, so I will choose my books to read from books that I already have. Female Authors: Books to Read in March … [Read more...]

The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 20th to 24th

The Invisible Mentor Week in Review for January 20th to 24th It’s almost the end of January, the time is flying and I am feeling a lot more settled and focused. I am discovering that in reference to the blog posts on The Invisible Mentor Blog, I am liking the structure which the editorial calendar provides. It makes it much easier to write blog posts because I am so focused, and it also forces me to look ahead. Monday: Mini Biography of Martin Luther King Jr, Human Rights Activist Monday was Martin Luther King Jr Day so I celebrated the day with a profile of the man. He was greatly influeneced by Civil Disobedience, an essay written … [Read more...]

Books to Read February 2014 – Keep Going, Stay the Course #theclassics

Books to Read in February 2014

Books to Read in February 2014 – Keep Going, Staying the Course In January 2014, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about which books to read, and it was tough to read some of my selections, so I decided to put more care into the books to read February 2014 as I journey toward my classic education. So far I am learning a lot from my informal education, and I am finding the new information useful. The return of Sherlock Holmes is on the list of books to read in February 2014 because of an article that I read in Maclean’s magazine, “The 609-day cliffhanger: Sherlock Holmes goes global.” The article reminded me that I hadn’t gotten around … [Read more...]