Do you read broadly and deeply enough?

read broadly

Do you read broadly enough? Most people who read my blog know that I love to read. And I constantly write about reading broadly, but what does that mean? If someone wanted to start reading broadly, where would he start? There is no shortage of advice on the web on why it is important to read, and there are countless articles on which books to read. But if you were reading to get an education, where would you start? Would you only read books in your niche? Or would you read other books as well? If you wanted to learn how to generate creative ideas, where would you start? Is there a perfect book list that includes the books necessary to … [Read more...]

The King of Shanghai and Now You See Her

The King of Shanghai

The King of Shanghai and Now You See Her Below you will find some of my thoughts on The King of Shanghai by Ian Hamilton and Thoughts on Now You See Her by Joy Fielding. They are not long enough to be a book review. Thoughts on The King of Shanghai by Ian Hamilton Transitioning from one field to the next is not always smooth sailing, and this is very evident in the King of Shanghai by Ian Hamilton. I introduced you to the Ava Lee series by Ian Hamilton in 2013 while I was journeying on the first Virtual Literary World Tour. While on the Tour, I read The Water Rat of Wanchai: An Ava Lee Novel and The Disciple of Las Vegas. I … [Read more...]

Best of: 40 Selected Books I Read in 2014

Books I read in 2014

40 Selected Books I Read in 2014 I read some really great books in 2014, and many of them are a part of my informal liberal arts education. I have been thinking about this post for a while, and wasn’t sure how I should approach it. I read many books that are frequently found on the best books of all time lists, but I didn’t enjoy them for one reason or another. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I invested the time to read the books – a few of them were downright depressing, making me feel a sense of hopelessness after reading them. I know that I like what I like, and although I did not enjoy reading them, they are very well written, … [Read more...]

Books that Elon Musk Enjoyed

Elon Musk

Books that Elon Musk Enjoyed When someone does something that’s brilliant, most people want to know how she did it, so he can do it too. But should that be your focus? Is it not more important for you to learn how to generate your own brilliant ideas? Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, loves reading, and whenever he wants to learn a new subject area, he reads books to teach him what he needs to know. This must be a winning strategy for him, since he has successfully created a few billion dollar companies. But Musk doesn’t just read the books, he studies and devours them so that he can fully understand the content. He reads … [Read more...]

Donald Barthelme: Essential Books for a Literary Education

Donald Barthelme

Donald Barthelme: Essential Books for a Literary Education Born April 7, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Donald Barthelme was an influential American writer known for short stories, satires, and novels. His stories are interesting because they often border on the absurd and bizarre. He Attended the University of Houston, and worked as a journalist, managing editor, professor, and visiting professor. According to St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers, “In the many collections--where fantasies mixed with mimetic pieces (mimetic, that is, by Barthelme's loose standards; even his most straightforward fiction seemed to conceal … [Read more...]