Black History Month – Reflecting on the Past, Back to the Future

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Celebrating Black History Month – Reflecting on the Past, Back to the Future

Artist Danilo McCallum with his painting, Mother of Moons
Artist Danilo McCallum with his painting, Mother of Moons

February is celebrated as Black History Month in North America, and 2014 marks The Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. I will be celebrating Black History Month on the Invisible Mentor blog by writing mini biographies of two black women and two men – Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat on a bus; Harriet Tubman, who established the underground railway to allow slaves to escape to freedom; Marcus Garvey, a civil rights activist and one of the national heroes of Jamaica; and Thomas Jennings who invented the dry-cleaning process.

Black History Month, Reflecting of the Past

We have featured several black people who made a substantial difference in the world.

  1. Madam C J Walker, Operated The Largest Black-Owned Business in the Early Twentieth Century 

    Black History Month
    Artist, Ekow Namako, creates Flower Girl with 18,000 pieces of lego
  2. Maggie Lena Walker, First Female Bank President in the United States
  3. Booker T. Washington, Principal, Tuskegee Institute and Author of Up From Slavery
  4. Book Review – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  5. Charles Drew, Pioneer in Blood Plasma Research, First African American to Earn Doctor of Medical Science
  6. Elijah McCoy – The Real McCoy
  7. Bob Marley, Singer, Songwriter and the Father of Reggae 
  8. Mini Biography of Martin Luther King Jr, Human Rights Activist
  9. Art Tatum, Greatest Jazz Pianist Who Ever Lived   

Black History Month, Back to the Future

On February 1st, I attended an exhibit at Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park. They had several exhibits in celebration of Black History Month. The theme this year, Black Future Month 3014, features artists such as Danilo McCallum, Komi Olaf, Soteeoh, Chanel Kennebrew and Jordan Clarke. On the main floor of the building, artist, Ekow Nimako, gave us a glimpse into what we can do with Lego. Many visitors like myself were snapping photos of the artists’ works, and pictures cannot do justice to the actual artworks.

Black History Month
Hyphenated, Part 2 by Chanel Kennebrew


Anti-slavery Collection

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