How habits are formed

How habits are formed

How habits are formed Information circulates all the time and they somehow become truths, no one ever questioning them. For instance, we have heard that in the story Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (My review), he only has three wishes, where did that information come from? The truth is that while in possession of the lamp, any wish that Aladdin makes is granted. In this instance, it is important to read the Aladdin story that is translated into English from Arabic. Likewise, we have often heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but is that the truth? Or another misconception? How are habits formed? By practicing for how long? I am … [Read more...]

Rapid Reading and Retention Workshop

Rapid Reading

Rapid Reading and Retention Workshop Talk about synchronicity! As you know I have been investing a lot of time learning to read faster so that I can read the 50 classic literature books for my informal liberal arts education. And each day I perform speed reading drills using browser extensions and bookmarklets. I received an email informing me about a Rapid Reading and Retention workshop offered by Jim Kwik so I immediately signed up. I like to learn as much as I can about a topic of interest or a new subject so that I can pick out the sections that will work for my situation. And this is especially important since the ability to read … [Read more...]

Do you make this critical mistake because of impatience?


Do you make this critical mistake because of impatience? We are living in a world that is always turned on, with the expectation that people will respond at the speed of light. You get an email, and if you do not respond in a few minutes, you may receive a phone call inquiring if you did not receive the email message. Because of this intense pressure, people may cut corners in many areas of their lives hoping to accelerate things, achieving their goals faster. They could also cut corners in their professional development, thinking that they will attain professional success that much faster if they eliminate elements of their learning. But … [Read more...]

Do you let doubt stop you in your track?


Do you let doubt stop you in your track? Doubt can be both good and bad. Good, because it makes you question things. And bad because it can prevent you from doing important things. This morning as I was practicing my speed reading drills I had an epiphany. When you use speed reading bookmarklets, the words of the text you are reading flash across the screen, and you can adjust the settings to how many words at a time that you want to flash. You can also adjust the words per minute at which you would like to read. Depending on the speed reading bookmarklet, there could be other functionalities as well. There are three things that … [Read more...]

Do you make this mistake with your professional development?

Speed reading

Do you make this mistake with your professional development? Are you attracted to the new shiny object? Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am big on professional development. Heck, this blog is about professional development. Recently, I was seriously thinking about going to Minneapolis to take Learning Strategies' PhotoReading course, but things weren't coming together smoothly. You know how that is? I tried everything to convince myself that I needed to take that course. I told myself that although I had learned about how to read syntopically from How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler, I still needed to learn the process from … [Read more...]