Olfactive Branding: Using the Power of Scent in Your Business

Olfactive Branding

Olfactive Branding: Using the Power of Scent in Your Business Recently, I became aware of olfactive branding, and I was curious about the concept and wanted to learn more about it. If you walked into the Trump Hotel and Tower in Toronto, you would smell champagne and caviar. Tracy Pepe, an olfactive branding specialist created that unique smell for the company. The champagne and caviar scent creates images of luxury, which is what you would expect from the Trump Hotel and Tower. Olfactive branding, also known as scent branding is a growing trend, and in fact, some retailers are using it to make consumers linger in the store, and spend … [Read more...]

Tips from the Entrepreneur Symposium Held in Toronto

Chris Hokansson

Tips from the Entrepreneur Symposium Held in Toronto Recently at the Entrepreneur Symposium held in Toronto, the presenters shared some tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs to become more successful. Today, I will focus on Chris Hokansson from One Red Bird, and Ann Kaplan, CEO and President of iFinance Canada Inc. Further Reading: 7 Vital Steps to Maximizing Growth, Sales & Profit by Colin Sprake 5 Marketing Mistakes and their Solutions – Chris Hokansson Definition of Marketing: Everything you do in your business to make the phone ring. Definition of Sales: What happens when the phone rings and you answer it. Mistake … [Read more...]

Marty Neumeier’s Rules of Genius

Rules of Genius

Marty Neumeier’s Rules of Genius I had the privilege of attending a presentation delivered by Marty Neumeier on the Rules of Genius, which he extracted from his book, The 46 Rules of Genius: An Innovator's Guide to Creativity (Voices That Matter). The presentation was excellent and gave me much food for thought, so I wanted to share the highlights with you. What is Genius? “Anyone who turns insights into innovation and in the process changes our view of what is possible.” Marty Neumeier cautioned the audience to become a genius in a small slice of the world. That means that you shouldn’t try to be all things to everyone. He also … [Read more...]

Creating a Personal Library

Creating a Personal Library1

Creating a Personal Library How do you create a personal library? How do you decide which books to include? I have always loved to read, and I have gone through phases where all I read was one genre. But today, I would like to think that my reading is more diverse and deeper. I have read many books that were entertaining, but not keepers, so I would get rid of them. I was never intentional about creating a personal library, and to be honest, I did not even think about it. In the summer of 2007, Harriet Rubin wrote C.E.O. Libraries Reveal Keys to Success, an article for the New York Times, which made me start thinking more about … [Read more...]

Global Reads: Travel the World

Global Reads: Travel the World I cannot remember a time when I did not enjoy reading, how about you? But when I read, I read books that interest me and reading books by authors from countries other than those in the West was not at the top of my list until I embarked on my first Virtual Literary World Tour. For new readers of this blog, my mother died unexpectedly on October 3, 2012, and my heart was broken. To heal my heart, I decided it was important for me to do something that I love, which was reading. To add depth to my personal project, I decided to read books written by authors who were born in 30 different countries. After … [Read more...]