Kevin Spacey: 3 Elements of Storytelling

Elements of Storytelling

Kevin Spacey: 3 Elements of Storytelling Don’t you just love it when you find useful content? While scanning my ContentGems Daily Summary, I noticed “Kevin Spacey Closing Keynote Highlights,” so I decided to click on the link because I thought that the actor, Kevin Spacey should know about storytelling. In the five-and-a-half minute video, the famed actor talks about the 3 elements of storytelling, as well as a few other tips. I think that the ability to tell engaging stories will enable us to write better articles and blog posts that captivate our readers. Effective storytelling is a skill that I am developing, but I am not close to … [Read more...]

Personal Brand You

personal brand

The Personal Brand You When you think of a personal brand, what comes to mind? The University of Calgary held an event on branding for its alumni living in the Toronto and surrounding areas. Derek Hassay, RBC Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship Thinking gave us notice that he was going to talk about personal branding and how to connect your personal brand with the University of Calgary, and he actually did that. This got me thinking because I thought it was quite clever what Professor Hassay did, and that anyone can do something equally clever, if he or she understands more than the fundamentals of the field. Hassay knows a lot … [Read more...]

Notes from The Art of Entrepreneurship Conference 2014

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Notes from The Art of Entrepreneurship Conference 2014 Yesterday, I attended The Art of Entrepreneurship Conference, where they had a good line-up of dynamic speakers, who gave the audience useful tips that they could implement immediately. I received two complimentary tickets from Ron Bester, a LinkedIn contact, who gave me a ticket to attend last year's The Art of Small Business (Key Takeaways from the Art of Small Business Conference). Although they had very good speakers last year, my biggest criticism was that women were visibly absent from the list of speakers. TheArtOf  improved this year, and they secured Debbie Travis as a … [Read more...]

Pierre Trudeau: The Books that Shaped his Young Mind

Pierre Trudeau

Read to Lead: The Shaping of Young Pierre Trudeau’s Mind How is the mind of a successful person shaped? One way is by reading actively – interacting with the words on the page. We have been exploring the concept of the shaping of the mind of highly successful people by looking at their personal libraries. This is not a segment in the series, because I have not yet found sufficient information on Pierre Trudeau’s personal library. What I have found is a biography, Young Trudeau: 1919-1944: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, which focuses on the younger years of Canada’s 15th Prime Minister. I was ecstatic when I discovered the book, but … [Read more...]

Coping with the Busyness of Life

Coping with the Busyness of Life

Coping with the Busyness of Life Is it me, or is life busier for everyone? How do you cope with the busyness of life? I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff on my plate that I find that I cannot function, so I ignore my overloaded plate because I do not really want to deal with it. But issues do not resolve by themselves, whether we like it or not, we have to take action, finding the right solutions. While thinking about my overly busy life, and my plate flowing over, something struck me - I don’t have to finish everything on my plate, it is up to me to choose what I eat and digest. I should know better, because I have … [Read more...]