Women’s History Month: Women Who Changed the World

Women Who Changed the World

Women’s History Month: Women Who Changed the World March is Women’s History Month, how do you celebrate it? I often review books written by women and write mini biographies of women who have changed the world. For this year, I am going to dive into my archives and feature some of these women, who worked tirelessly to make it better for other women. There are many younger, female readers of this blog who may not know how women from another era changed the world so they have the rights and freedoms they now have. Learn from these nine women who changed the world. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abolitionist and Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin: … [Read more...]

When Was the Last Time You Talked to People from Other Generations?

When Last You Talked to People from Other Generations

When Last You Talked to People from Other Generations When was the last time you talked to someone from another generation to see what’s on her mind? I am in New York right now with my niece. She is grieving her father’s death, my brother. It’s good to be around the right people when facing a difficult time. I asked Camile how I would have to shape the content on my blog so that people like her would pay money for it. I am thinking about what to include on a membership site. She replied, “I love free.” “I have learned that free will only take you so far,” I said. “Well, tell me how much you would charge for what, and I will … [Read more...]

Doubting Thomas Syndrome

Doubting Thomas Syndrome

Doubting Thomas Syndrome Do you allow doubt to prevent you from becoming your best self? Think about that for a minute! Years ago, it could be at least 12 years ago, I attended Bible Study on Thursday nights. The minister once asked, “Which of the 13 disciples do you liken yourself to?” I didn’t have to think twice, Thomas – Doubting Thomas – as I often called him was the winner. The next question was, “Why?” It is not good to take things at face value. If someone came to you, claiming to rise from the dead, like Doubting Thomas, I would want proof, and so would you. I would expect Jesus to show me the wounds from being nailed to the … [Read more...]

10 Lessons from Jess Williams, Bounty Hunter

lessons from Jess Williams

10 Lessons from Jess Williams, Bounty Hunter Every so often I like to read a book from Jess Williams series of books. Based on what is going on the novels, I would say that the stories are set in the 1800s. Written by Robert J Thomas, the author will not win any book awards for these books because there isn’t much depth to the stories, although there is depth to the character, Jess Williams. I have read about seven of the 36 books so far in the series, and I do so when I need to engage in mindless reading. I am going through a rough patch, trying to come to terms with the sudden death of my brother. While I was reading Redemption, the … [Read more...]

Read More Books Now!

read more books

Read More Books Now! A couple of weeks ago I learned about some free video training on Read More Books Now created by Brandon Vogt. I watched the videos knowing that he would probably be selling a course at the end since that’s the custom these days. I committed to buying the course if it was under a certain price point. The short video training was well done and he said many things that I agreed with. One exception was his advice to people to read while eating to read more books. I bought the training, “Read More Books” for an introductory price of $37. The total training is just under 100 minutes. There are 10 videos and most of them … [Read more...]