The Joy of Learning – Discovering What You Don’t Know

The Joy of Learning

The Joy of Learning - Discovering What You Don’t Know Have you ever experienced the joy of learning – discovering what you don’t know? I have! Pursuing my informal liberal arts education has given me that precious gift. These days, I find myself pulling away from popular blogs – A-List bloggers whose writing I once enjoyed – because of their sameness. Many people are saying the same things, and each of us can fall into that trap. With so much content, how can you rise to the top? Similarly, in the context of work, how can you differentiate yourself from your peers? I think the answer partially lies in learning new things, but the story … [Read more...]

Identifying the right Mentor by Rodger Harding

REAP Mentoring Framework - Developed by Rodger Harding

Identifying the right Mentor The volume of comment and messages received in recent weeks, clearly shows that my 4-part mentorship series in collaboration with the Invisible Mentor has not covered all bases (Mentorship Program Relevance Today: Against a backdrop of  shifting mentee requirement)! The missing gap, distilled from diverse questions, would be dealing with the ability of the mentee to identify the right mentor! “How do I know what type of mentor to look for?” “What can I do to ensure I have the right mentor?” As a firm believer that identifying and responding to specific behavior is less complicated and more reliable … [Read more...]

Let the Reading Challenge Begin – Book Recommendations for Summer 2014

reading challenge

Let the Challenge Begin – Book Recommendations for Summer 2014 The summer reading challenge has started, and the clock is ticking. If you remember, I wrote two posts, Another 25 Book Recommendations (for the eclectic reader) and 35 Book Recommendations for Summer 2014, which included books for me to read during the summer months. Many of the books on the list, are part of my informal liberal arts education, therefore, I need to read them. Also, if you pay close attention to the 60 books on both lists, you will notice that many of them are the type of books that are on must-read book lists. I officially started the challenge a couple … [Read more...]

Make a Decision and Stick to It

Make a decision and stick to it

Make a Decision and Stick to It Are you one of those people who make a decision and stick to it (See post, How to Make Better Decisions)? If you are, good for you, you are in great company. The best leaders, and the most successful people make decisions quickly and are slow to change their minds. In my book, Tales of People Who Get It, a book based on interviews with highly successful people, John Gardner had this to say about making decisions: “As a manager it is extremely important to work hard at uncovering the facts involved in whatever the problem or situation he faces, and based on those facts, to make the appropriate decision. One … [Read more...]

Know When to Walk Away

Know when to walk away

Know When to Walk Away Do you know when to walk away? It could be walking away from projects, situations, relationships... I am the first to admit that I have difficulty walking away, especially when I have invested a lot of time in an initiative. I constantly hear that adage that was part of my childhood, “Finish what you start.” As a result, I stay in situations that are sometimes detrimental – I am not talking about situations that are physically dangerous – mostly project situations. Pursuing my informal liberal arts education has forced me to learn to walk away because of time constraints. Although it’s difficult, I am forced to walk … [Read more...]