10 People Who Would Have Been Great Bloggers

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Very Old Tree in China
Very Old Tree in China

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about people who have died, who would have been great bloggers, as well as great Invisible Mentors. These people were innovative thinkers and ahead of their time. I will present their names in this post and in subsequent weeks, together, we will learn more about them, and their contributions to humanity.

At a later date, I will present other innovative thinkers and we will go through the process again. This is an excellent way for us to expand our thinking.

  1. Estee Lauder, Cosmetic Maven and Marketing Strategist
  2. Margaret Mead, Anthropologist
  3. Earl Nightingale, “Dean of Personal Development”
  4. Mary Wollstonecraft, Writer and Philosopher
  5. Thomas Edison, Inventor
  6. Napoleon Hill, Author
  7. Francis Bacon, Philosopher, Scientist and Lawyer
  8. Benjamin Franklin, Inventor, Scientist, Author, Printer and much more
  9. Plato, Philosopher
  10. Simone de Beauvoir, Writer and Philosopher

Why would these innovative thinkers be great bloggers? They knew how to create value, they had a willingness to share with others, they had great lessons to teach and they sometimes went against the grain for things they believed in. We will also look at ways to use what they had to say to apply to our unique situations. Next week, we will start off with Estee Lauder.

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