Personal Library of Frederick Douglass

The personal library of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Personal Library Frederick Douglass:  The shaping of a mind - from slavery to freedom to success. How does someone rise from slavery to success? Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass freed himself after being physically abused one time too many. He endured several horrific beatings and wasn't a compliant slave. Douglass tricked a white boy into teaching him how to read, and the ability to read allowed him to see the world with a new lens. His thirst and hunger for knowledge enabled him to rise to success. He tells his remarkable story in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass possessed over … [Read more...]

Banned Books Week – September 21−27, 2014

Banned Books Week 2014

Banned Books Week - September 21−27, 2014 This post is about the freedom and right to read. The American Library Association compiles a list of books that are frequently banned and challenged. Listed below are the classics that have either been banned or challenged, how many books on the list have you read? Each September, Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read is celebrated. For 2014, September 21−27, 2014 is designated as Banned Books Week. For the month of September, read one of the books on the list each week as an expression of your freedom and right to read. For Banned Books Week 2014, every day I will review a book on … [Read more...]

Purdy Crawford – The Way to Do an Acquisition, Summer Series Interviews

Purdy Crawford

Purdy Crawford - The Way to Do an Acquisition, Summer Series Interview This is the final interview from my book, Tales of People Who Get It that I committed to publish on the blog for the Summer Series Interviews. My intent is for you to learn from some of the interviewees, as well as introduce the interviewees to a new audience. This week, I feature Purdy Crawford, who reminds us of the importance of taking risks. Purdy Crawford recently died at age 82, but his wisdom lives on. Related:  Living an Authentic Life – Gabriel Draven, Summer Series Interviews Leading Women toward Self-Sufficiency, Anthea Rossouw – Summer Interview … [Read more...]

What Makes a Book Great?

What makes a book great

What Makes a Book Great? You have been told many times that the most successful people, the greatest leaders and innovators who ever lived, are/were voracious readers. Many of these accomplished people seldom disclosed the names of the books in their personal libraries because that was a private matter. However, there is no shortage of lists of the best books of all time to read, but many of those lists are very subjective. For instance, Amazon published a list of 100 Must-Read Books, and as a powerful and well-known organization, many will pay close attention to that list. I printed out the list and looked closely at each book … [Read more...]

The Personal Library of George Washington

The Personal Library of George Washington I decided that I wanted to do a series on the personal libraries of successful people because I thought they would give me insights into the shaping of a mind. As you already know, this website is about invisible mentoring, which is learning from unique leaders by observing and imaging their wisdom and good traits. That also means consuming the books that they consumed and doing that requires knowing what books they had in their personal libraries. I figured that a good place to start was with successful people who are well known. Related Posts Why read, what to read, and Teddy … [Read more...]